Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is A Savior?

 A Savior refers to a person who helps people achieve Salvation or saves them from somethings like sin. The name Jesus means The  Lord Save , The word saves means to deliver, or set free. Therefore the name Jesus means The Lord our Deliverer.

- MATTHEW 1:21 
             " And she will bring forth a Son and you shall call His name Jesus for He will save His people from their sins."

 What you have done [good or bad] is not really important. What is important is that God has already forgiven you now all you have to do is receive  Him and allow Him to change you from being a selfish person. Because of His great love  for us, some day soon Jesus will return to earth  and He will eliminate us from the earth, those who refuse to follow him and His ways and His ways of love they will have to perish.


moderator said...

You know we are living difficult economic times. Some of us has never really called upon the lord for help. He is the almighty he can help you overcome some insurmountable task. sometimes all we need to do is ask him for help and guidance

moderator said...

the Lord loves each and everyone of us. Thats a fact

dan holmstock said...

this is true, but we are living in times now where it is most hard, and warned about in the blessed WORD of God.

Time to repent be strong and wait for the Lord, follow his command, fight the evil about and do the Lords work

moderator said...

We are living in the last days. The economy is troubled and the officials cant seem to find the answer. Others will have you believe we need a lot of other things. We as a nation need to turn from our wicked ways repent and pray the lord says he will heal this land.

Diana Fikes said...

The bible says that if the name of Jesus is lifted up that man would be drawn unto God, through Jesus. Continue to minister forth the word of God concerning our Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Truly Jesus is our only hope. May God continue to bless you and the ministry that he has commissioned you to make available to all. Diana