Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Obama dream

This time it seemed like I worked in the Administration. I worked with a young lady and in the dream it was distinct that both of us were Christ followers. It seems we were over seeing policy and documents. We were sent to another office to have presidential seal put on some docs. I didn't have my identification but the young lady who was with me vogued for me when I was confronted by a staffer who didn't know me. It felt like we were doing some kind of covert work on behalf of the believers. We got back to room where Mr Obama was, He was sitting in a chair similar to a barbers chair reading a news paper. then i introduced him to 2 intercessors from my Church Calvary Cathedral of Praise. and I said sister Trumpet this is the president of these United States. he greeted them politely. and I woke up it was a little after 4 am. In my spirit i felt compelled to pray for him. So I did. I don't know what these dreams mean but its a recurring theme

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Had another Obama Dream

. I'm sitting in the white house I'm a room that seems to be where the domestic staff of the white house would have lunch tea snacks whatever. On the table there is an itinerary concerning a meeting with foreign leaders that they were having at that same time. It was faded with the flag on it. It had green writing on the back like scribble with a green pen. Pres Obama comes out about to have a seat were I and my mother was sitting he sees the itinerary and calls to Rom Emanuel about leaving classified Docs around. Then he said didn't i say no press notification.

Then he sits down to eat with us. I proceed to ask him a question. So I say respectfully." Mr president can I ask you a question?" His response was ask me any amount of question you want. So I ask him If you had actionable intelligence about Iran concerning the launch of a nuclear missile at Israel Europe or The United States would you use preemptive strike to prevent it. He was shocked and dumbfounded he couldn't awnser the question he stuttered and looked puzzled. Then he said I have to put some serious thought into it.

Then I responded Pres Amadinejad was a nut case and I even researched his beliefs concerning the Mahdi and how they had to create chaos to usher in there messiah. Then my mom interjected and said he is crazy. Mr Obama responded I hate that guy. I didn't even sound like what the president of the free world would say. Then I woke up
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am a staunch critic of our President so this dream is weird.

So the dream begins I was notified by the white house and ask to come to Washington for a meeting with President Obama. So arrived I don't know how so I meet with him. He explained that he wanted me to get to know him. And I explained to him that I opposed a lot of his policies Especially the Mexico Accord. I explained to him I was a man of my convictions and my beliefs would not let me go along with his policies. It seems like we were in some kind of underground garage. I could see the vehicle he uses in the background. Then he repeated he wanted me to get to know him better and this was in the midst of a handshake. So while our hands were clasp. He ask me if their was anything he could do for me. My response was sure expunge my record. I to was looking to start over clean slate. While our hands was clasp in the shake. He looked me in the eye and said I will see what I can do.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

In the last days the lord will speak to us with dreams

Ive had several dreams during my ordeal and this one of my most significant ones. I was in a new apt or house. There laying on the ground was a headboard dark nice wood. In the room with me was my Sister and one of my nieces the older one. there were also tools laying on the ground. While i stood there and looked at my task at hand. Suddenly the one of the tools a saw begins to cut through the decorative piece of wood by itself. So I'm standing there while I look on I'm speaking to God and I'm asking him in my mind not audibly. " Lord what is this ? No awnser. so i start rebuking Satan saying . " rebuke you in the name of Jesus" repeatedly until the saw drops and stop cutting the wooden piece of furniture. Suddenly there was a bright light shining out of the corner of the room against the wall on the opposite side of the room. As i look at the wall i can see the silhouette of a huge being. I cant see him just the silhouette. Keep in mind there was never ever fear in my heart so as i stand there and look on I am still repeating the same phrase " Satan i rebuke you in the name of Jesus." suddenly my lips are paralyzed and i can speak but I'm still repeating the phrase. suddenly with a flash of light and being who's silhouette is being displayed on the wall disappears and i wake from my dream