Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Had another Obama Dream

. I'm sitting in the white house I'm a room that seems to be where the domestic staff of the white house would have lunch tea snacks whatever. On the table there is an itinerary concerning a meeting with foreign leaders that they were having at that same time. It was faded with the flag on it. It had green writing on the back like scribble with a green pen. Pres Obama comes out about to have a seat were I and my mother was sitting he sees the itinerary and calls to Rom Emanuel about leaving classified Docs around. Then he said didn't i say no press notification.

Then he sits down to eat with us. I proceed to ask him a question. So I say respectfully." Mr president can I ask you a question?" His response was ask me any amount of question you want. So I ask him If you had actionable intelligence about Iran concerning the launch of a nuclear missile at Israel Europe or The United States would you use preemptive strike to prevent it. He was shocked and dumbfounded he couldn't awnser the question he stuttered and looked puzzled. Then he said I have to put some serious thought into it.

Then I responded Pres Amadinejad was a nut case and I even researched his beliefs concerning the Mahdi and how they had to create chaos to usher in there messiah. Then my mom interjected and said he is crazy. Mr Obama responded I hate that guy. I didn't even sound like what the president of the free world would say. Then I woke up
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jimmie d said...

Bro.Wayne,it is great to see you take your "gift" to the next level!! The Holy Spirit will reveal the meaning of your dreams at the appropriate time.May God bless you and your family...in Christ Jesus,Jimmie