Friday, December 18, 2009


He is no different from those ladies who wake up in the wee hours of the
Morn and pray for those they have never met and for countries whose shores they have never been to--mom, I include you in this category. Ron Parsley is a preacher out of Ohio who spends much of his time purchasing blacks from the fetters of modern slavery-of course, none of our intrepid Civil Rights leaders will dare speak of this modern slavery carried out by blacks on blacks, predominantly in Africa. If there are those of you who do not believe us, look at Christian Manor Sixty Minutes report on the subject matter. You will never see Reverend Parsley or others of faith being recognized for what they have done because such is the nature of our world now. One, the secular powers that are would never recognize any Christian and their endeavors; and two, they will not bring attention to the slavery issue to embarrass those African Countries and others who practice this evil. There are those of us who are going to say that Parsley is a televangelist, as though he should be ashamed-but those like him jobs are akin to the CIA. Their failures are always pronounced, but their good deeds are seldom celebrated. Another stroke of genius humanity carried out by Parsley is his purchasing of Ultra Sound machines and placing them strategically across from abortions clinics for those ladies who are contemplating adding to the holocaust to see the evidence and proof of life, recognizing the gravity that they were about to undertake. For those like Reverend Parsley and our mother, they take heed in the sobering fact that if Jesus were walking the earth in the flesh today and repeating the good deeds He did in the Bible, He would not be recognized by the Nobel Committee.
-Verily Prime

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